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Naughty Latina schoolgirl gets spanked and banged by professor
30/04/2016 às 10:26

Nasty professor spanking his student at Jenna is your typical hot latina teen chick who likes teasing her professors for better grades. She would do absolutely anything and everything just to keep her school records in good shape for fear of losing her place as their head cheerleader. And when that happens, she will also lose the interest of the hottest hunks in the campus. Each time the bell rings at the end of their class, she makes it a point to get left behind by her BFFs to hangout and hook up with her mentor. Like in this hot video where she purposely dropped her “personal massager” and her professor got hard in an instant when he saw it, knowing that he has been waiting for that moment that this slutty teen would give a sign that she wanted his cock so bad. Then of course she got some hot spanky for being a naughty girl and more. This was the start of their afternoon playtimes. Jenna bending over, sucking that dick, and having her wet pussy plowed as she screams in ecstasy made this lucky bastard cum in her mouth. I’d say she gets an A+ for a job well done.


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